Merge Cells In Excel: A Complete Guide

Merge Cells In Excel: A Complete Guide

What is a merge cells in Excel?

Many times, writing a letter that is quite big isn’t complete within the cell itself. So, some of the parts get hidden, and some will reflect on the cell portion. It becomes important to merge the cells to make it easy to read. There are many ways you can merge cells in Excel. 

Whatever the reason for combining the cells in Excel, it is not as straightforward as it seems. If you try to merge two cells, the standard merge cell in the Excel feature will only keep the upper left cell and discard the value of the other cells.   

 If you want to merge the values of cells by connecting them into a single cell on the sheet, create a simple formula using the CONCAT function or use the symbol “&” to do so. This guide will assist you with merging cells in an Excel sheet. 

Merge Cells in Excel and Center feature

This is one of the simplest and fastest ways to combine two or more cells in Excel. This process takes only two steps to execute:

Step 1: Select the two consecutive cells you want to merge.

Step 2: Go to the Home tab. Click on the “Merge & Center” option on the alignment section. 

Let’s cover this with an example:

Select the consecutive cell containing the name of the employee.

Merge Cells In Excel

Go to the alignment section given in the Home tab. Select the “Merge & Center” option. 

Merge Cells In Excel

Shortcut to Merge Cells in Excel

If you regularly use the Excel sheet and spend a lot of time with this software, merging cells in Excel would be beneficial. 

To merge the two columns of the cell:

1: Select the cell you want to merge in Excel.

2: Press the alt key. The Alt key provides access to the Excel ribbon and a hold on all tabs until there is some overlap. 

3: Press H from the keyboard to select the home tab.

4: Press M to have a click of Merge and Center.

5: Press one of the following keys:

  • C: This is for Merge and Center. It is used to merge and center the selected data 
  • A: This is for Merge Across. It is used to merge cells across one side. 
  • M: This is used to merge cells. There is no alignment in this option. 
  • U: This is used to unmerge cells. 

It may look complex to some of you, but it isn’t. After some time and a little practice, you may find this method the fastest and easiest way to combine cells rather than searching and clicking on the merge and center buttons with the keypad. 

How can two or more cells be merged without losing data?

There are various methods to merge the data. You can do it through the justify option, CONCAT option, or merge cell in Excel option. Microsoft has significantly improved in recent stages from the critical limitations of 2013 and 2016 Excel. 

Method 1: Combine cells in one Column

This is the quickest method of merging cells, keeping the content in one area and column. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the cell you want to merge or combine in the Excel Sheet.

Step 2: Ensure that the width of the column is wide enough to fit the content of all cells in one topmost cell. 

Merge Cells In Excel

On the Home tab, Go to the editing section and select the fill drop-down menu. From there, choose the Justify option. You will see all the Selected data arranged in the topmost cell. 

If the row values are spread in two columns, then you have to check the width of the column, make it a little wider, and repeat the process. 

Now, proceed to the next process. 

Method 2: Merge Multiple cells with the data in any range:

Excel has created a unique tool to merge multiple cells with the data: Merge Cells for Excel. Using the Add-in option, you can combine the multiple cells containing any data type, including the Text, numbers, dates, and special symbols. You can separate the values with the delimiter of your choice, like commas, spaces, slashes, or line breaks.  

Joining the cell like you want :

  • Merge column row by row: It combines columns and saves the result to the left or right column.
  • Combine multiple cells into one cell: It combines the cells and places the result in the top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left cell.  
  • Keep all values while merging cells: Your data will not be deleted even if the selection contains more data values. 
  • Separate your merged values: Use commas, spaces, line breaks, or another character as a separator for your merged values. 
  • Combine rows column by column: Join several rows and place them on the top or bottom row. 

Method 3: Use the Concat function to combine the multiple cells:

Users feel more comfortable with the Excel formulas. The CONCATE function or the & operator is used to join the value and merge the desired cell. If you want to separate the data with the help of the delimiter like in the above, then ensure to indicate the symbol in the inverted commas. 

Let’s look at the example of the above method. 

You want to combine the two cells containing the data A4 and A5 and display the combined data shown in the D4 cell. Use the formula =CONCATENATE(A2,”,”,A5) or =A2& “,” &B2. 

Let’s see how you can concatenate the two cells. You have the data down below:

You have seen the list of fruit names written down in the columns. Now if you want to concatenate the name of 


Merge Cells In Excel

You will get the result:

Merge Cells In Excel

If you want to give the separator something like &, comma, backspace, etc., you can give it “&,” “,” and “or. “

 “=CONCATENATE(E7, “&” ,E5)”

Merge Cells In Excel

How do you find merged cells in Excel?

To find the merged cell in your Excel sheet, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Go to the FInd and search section. Select the find option over there. A dialog box with the name “Find and Replace” appears.
Merge Cells In Excel

Now click on the Alignment option. Then click on the Merge cell in the Excel checkbox. Click Ok. 

Merge Cells In Excel

Then click Find All to check the list of all the merged cells in your Excel sheet. 

How do unmerged cells work?

You mistakenly merged the wrong cell while merging it, or your mind changed after merging the cell. Now, you want to unmerge the cell. You can do it by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl+Z. You can also do it by clicking on the undo option. 

Also, an alternative way to unmerge the cell is the Unmerge option. 

To do so: 

  • Go to the Home tab.
  • Go to the alignment section. Click on the drop-down menu of the “Merge&center” option. 
  • Click on the unmerge cell option given in the list. 

You will see the merged cell will get unmerged. 

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