Understanding Excel Essentials: Rows and Columns in Excel

Do you want to learn Excel and streamline your business by analyzing the data? If yes, start learning MS Excel from the basics of rows and columns in excel. 

Excel is a subpart of Microsoft 365. It makes your data insightful and visual.

Do you want to learn Excel and streamline your business by analyzing the data and identifying the trends in the market? If yes, start learning Microsoft Excel from the basics of rows and columns in excel. 

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Why is it Important to Learn about Excel?

Learning Microsoft Excel is essential because it offers various benefits, such as:

  • Learn Excel to Save you time and Money
  • Use expert tools to improve your company’s dashboard.
  • Perform calculations from modern formulas.
  • Learn Excel to visualize the data with charts and graphs for better understanding.
  • Learn Excel to work better by sharing the workbook and spreadsheets.
  • Convert the picture of the Excel table into a fully editable table in Excel.

Okay, so let us learn Microsoft Excel from basics through rows, columns, and cells in Excel.

Rows and Columns in Excel

Rows and columns in Excel are two primary components that make a spreadsheet. In rows and columns, you create, edit, and analyze through visuals.

What is Row in Excel?

Rows is a horizontal line in Excel. When we move from left to right across the worksheet, the rows are numbered from 1 to 1048576.

What is a Column in Excel?

The column is a vertical line in the Excel. Moving from top to bottom across the worksheet, it is alphabetically arranged from A to AAA, AAB, AAC, and so on. 

Rows and columns in Excel combine the horizontal and vertical areas of the Excel sheet.

What is Cell in Excel?

If you want to refer to a particular location in the Excel sheet, refer to the cell. A cell in Microsoft Excel is the intersection of Rows and columns. 

The components of an Microsoft Excel worksheet are rows, columns, cells, cell address or name bar, formula bar, etc.

For example, here, in this case, we are in column C and row 7, so our cell is referred to as C7. 

Rows and Columns in Excel

What basic operations can you use for Rows and Columns in Excel?

Here are some of the basic operations you can use for rows and columns in Microsoft Excel:

  • Deletion on Rows and columns in Excel
  • Insertion on Rows and columns in Excel
  • Sorting Rows and Columns in Excel
  • Entering Formulas in Cell
  • Adjusting Row height
  • Adjusting Column Width
  • Justification of Cell content
  • Copying and pasting the content of cells, rows, or columns in Excel

Now let us see these primary rows and columns operations in Excel one by one.

Deletion on Rows and Columns in Excel 

If you want to delete the cell, select the cell you want to delete, then click the mouse’s left button and choose to delete. You can also click on the delete option given on the menu option. 

Rows and Columns in Excel

To delete the entire row or column, select the required rows or columns, press the left button, and click delete. The full rows or selected columns get deleted.

Rows and Columns in Excel

Insertion on Rows and columns in Excel

To insert the rows and columns, select the rows and columns of the table. Then go to the home toolbar. Click on the insert button given in the workspace. If you want to explore more for the insert option, then click on the down arrow given in the insert option. You will see options like insert cells, insert sheet rows, insert sheet column, and insert sheet. You will go through them one by one to understand the proper functioning of those options. 

Rows and Columns in Excel

Sorting Rows and Columns in Excel

To sort rows and columns in Microsoft Excel, select the rows or columns you want to sort in ascending or descending order. Go to the Data toolbar in the ribbon. Then, select the Sort & Filter section. You will see the sort option and filter button. When you choose the sort option, a rectangular box appears. Select the option in the column Sort by. You can select the order to Z or Z to A if you want your column to appear. That’s it. You will successfully arrange the data. 

Rows and Columns in Excel

Entering Formulas in Cell

To operate the Excel, select the cell and type the formula you want to apply to the data. Make sure your formulas start with the “=”. 

Adjusting Row height

When we enter the data in the cell, we encounter that the length of the character is more than the size of the cell height. Due to this, it hides the remaining values. To solve this issue, we can increase the height of the cell.

To do this:

  • Go to the home section. Click on the cell drop-down arrow. 
  • Select the Format option.
  • Click on the Row height. 
  • Enter the required height of the row. 
  • Select ok.
Rows and Columns in Excel

Adjusting Column Width

To change the column width, you must follow the same process you have done in the above section. 

To adjust the column width in the Excel:

  • Go to the home section. Click on the cell drop-down arrow. 
  • Select the Format option.
  • Click on the Column Width
  • Enter the required width of the column.
  • Select ok.

Copying and pasting the content of cells, rows, or columns in Excel

To copy the content of the cell in the Excel

  • Select the row or column that needs to be copied. 
  • On the Home tab, go to the clipboard section. Click copy or click ctrl+c.
  • Select the cell you want to paste the value in.
  • On the Home tab, Again, go to the clipboard section and click the arrow on the paste. 

Justification of Cell content

Have you wondered what is the justify text? It is about adding space between the words so that both edges are aligned with both margins.

If you need to justify the text within the cell, you can do this:

  • Select the cell
  • Go to the home tab in the access toolbar. 
  • Go to the Editing section under the home tab on the Excel ribbon.
  • Click on the fill option.
  • Select the Justify option.

Yup! You did it correctly. Your texts are aligned in a justified manner. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rows and Columns in Excel 

How many rows and columns are present in Excel?

There are 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

What is the name of the last column in Excel?

The last column in Microsoft Excel is termed column XFD. This is the 16,384th column in a worksheet; the figure XFD stands for 16384 in decimal.

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