How to integrate AI in Excel?

How to integrate AI in Excel?

Are you an Excel user and want to integrate AI in Excel? As per the facts, only 41% of Excel users know how to properly integrate AI in Excel and use its potential to full advantage. This article will tell you how you can use AI in Excel and become a top Excel user. 

How to Integrate AI in Excel Formula?

There are several ways to integrate AI in Excel formulas, each offering a different level of benefits and ease of use. Here are a few options to consider while integrating AI in Excel formulas: 

  1. Third-party Add-ins: 

Here are some Third-party Add-ins to integrate AI in Excel that you can consider using:

  • AI Assistant for Excel: This add-in offers various AI-powered features like smart assistant suggestions, data analysis tools, formula generation and interpretation, and text translation. It’s great for both novice and advanced users. 
  • ExcelFormulaBot: This add-in excels at generating complex formulas from your natural language descriptions. Simply type your desired outcome, and the bot suggests relevant formulas you can copy and paste into your spreadsheet.
  • AI aided Formula Editor: This add-in helps you understand existing formulas by providing explanations and visualizations. It also allows you to edit formulas step-by-step with AI guidance. 

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  1. Online Tools for AI in Excel:

Here are some online tools to integrate AI in Excel:

  • Ajelix Excel Formula Generator: This free online tool lets you specify your formula requirements, and it generates the appropriate Excel formula for you. 
  • Excel Macro Recorder with AI Assist: Websites like exceltooly offer Macro recorder add-ins with AI that record your actions and suggest formulas based on your data manipulation. 

  1. Built-in Features: 

Here are some Microsoft Excel AI features:

  • Power Query: While not strictly AI, Power Query offers powerful data transformation capabilities like data cleansing, manipulation, and aggregation. You can combine it with AI plugins like to automate complex data analysis workflows. 
  • Excel LAMBDA function: This new function allows you to define your own custom functions using JavaScript, opening doors for incorporating your own AI models into your Excel formulas. 

Choosing the right option to integrate AI in Excel depends on your needs and comfort level: 

  • For beginners: Try user-friendly Artificial Intelligence Excel examples like AI Assistant or ExcelFormulaBot that simplify formula creation. 
  • For advanced users: Explore tools like Power Query or LAMBDA to build custom analysis solutions. 
  • For specific tasks: Online Excel AI tools like ajelix’s Formula Generator can be handy for occasional needs. 

Remember, to integrate AI in Excel formulas, you need to be well updated with new tools and features emerging all the time. Research the options and experiment to find the solutions that best empower your spreadsheet analysis. Let us now see Microsoft Excel AI features and paid and free AI tools for Excel. 

Integrate AI in Excel: Built-In AI Features in Excel

While Excel may not be at the forefront of cutting-edge AI, it does incorporate several handy AI-powered features to streamline your workflow and enhance data analysis. These features are designed to integrate AI in Excel, automate repetitive tasks, improve data accuracy, and provide insights you might not have seen on your own. Here are some highlights:

  • Flash Fill: This intuitive feature recognizes patterns in your data and automatically fills in missing information based on those patterns. Just enter a few examples in adjacent cells, and Flash Fill takes care of the rest. 
  • Remove Duplicates: This feature quickly identifies and removes duplicate entries in your data, saving you time and effort. 
  • Get Data From Picture: Easily extract data from tables and charts within images directly into your spreadsheet.
  • Analyze Data: AI in Excel can analyze your data and suggest relevant charts, pivot tables, and insights, helping you uncover hidden patterns and trends. 
  • Ideas: This Microsoft Excel AI feature provides suggestions for potential visualizations and analyses, sparking new ideas for interpretation.
  • Forecasting: Excel helps you predict future trends by analyzing historical data. Use built-in functions like Trendline and Exponential Smoothing to forecast sales, expenses, or other data points. 
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot: This built-in AI feature in Excel suggests formulas, charts, tables, and insights based on your data and natural language queries. 

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Integrate AI in Excel: Top Excel AI Tools 

The world of Excel AI tools is rapidly evolving. These paid and free AI tools for Excel offer exciting ways to boost your productivity. Here are some top AI tools for Excel to consider:

Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI is another exciting choice for Excel AI tools, with a specific focus on advanced data analysis and forecasting. Arcwise uses powerful AI algorithms to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and anomalies in your data. It goes beyond basic summaries and charts and reveals deeper insights and potential actions.  Arcwise excels at predicting future trends based on historical data. It offers various forecasting models and functionalities, making it ideal for sales, marketing, finance, and other data-driven fields. 


It’s a popular choice for those seeking a user-friendly and efficient way to tackle Excel formulas. Forget memorizing complex formulas, Sheet+ understands natural language descriptions of your desired outcome and generates accurate Excel formulas automatically. Powered by advanced AI algorithms, Sheet+ delivers accurate formulas even for complex tasks. It can handle conditional formatting, functions, and even multiple operations within a single request.


PromptLoop is another exciting Excel AI tool that offers a unique approach to formula creation and data enrichment. PromptLoop uses a familiar email-style interface for creating AI tasks. Simply write your request like an email, detailing what you want the AI to achieve, and PromptLoop translates it into the appropriate Excel functions and operations. This makes it incredibly user-friendly, even for beginners. Further, it automates repetitive data processing tasks. Define your desired workflow using prompts, and it will handle everything from web scraping and text extraction to data categorization and analysis.


ExcelBot is another great Excel AI tool, especially for those seeking a straightforward and efficient way to handle formulas. Describe your desired calculation or data manipulation, and ExcelBot translates it into the correct Excel formula, even if you don’t know the specific functions. ExcelBot provides explanations for each part of the generated formula and helps you learn and improve your Excel skills. ExcelBot can also generate VBA code for more complex automation tasks. This opens up possibilities for advanced spreadsheet manipulation and data processing. Integrate ExcelBot seamlessly with your preferred workflow. The Chrome extension allows you to generate formulas and explanations directly within Google Sheets or Excel Online.

Neural Formula

A powerful option for complex scientific and financial formulas, often offering multiple solutions for your problem. This Neural Formula is an AI add-on for Excel and Google Sheets designed to assist users with formulas. This could involve research and development of new AI-powered tools for spreadsheet tasks, or simply a general recognition of the potential for AI to revolutionize how we work with data in spreadsheets. 


Goodlookup is an exciting new AI tool for Excel users aiming to streamline their data analysis, particularly when dealing with text data and topic clustering. It is an AI-powered add-on that acts as a smart function within Google Sheets. It combines the intuitive understanding of text meaning (like GPT-3) with the practical capabilities of fuzzy matching. This allows you to achieve more accurate and relevant connections between related data points than traditional methods.

Formulas HQ

Formulas HQ is an AI-powered platform that assists users in mastering complex formulas and scripts in Excel, Google Sheets, VBA, and Apps Script. You can generate different creative text formats like poems, code, scripts, etc., through ChatGPT within the platform. With AI assistance, you can minimise the risk of errors in your formulas, automate repetitive tasks and focus on higher-level analysis.

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