How To Format Excel Sheets?

How To Format Excel Sheets?

Do you know?? you can format excel sheets and that helps in modifying the data’s appearance. The data can be formatted in different ways, such as cell formatting, data formatting, or table formatting, using the format tab in the HOME tab. You can quickly generate a professional-looking worksheet to present your data effectively. We can apply the style and format to highlight the essential data. Excel Sheet has several features that allow users to customize how their data is displayed. Formatting the Excel sheet brings attention to important data. The content will look more authentic and professional. Formatting Excel sheets leads to data cleansing, structuring, enriching, and standardization for analysis.

Once you enter the data in other columns, Excel formatting will add finishing touches to ensure the data is properly prepared and presented.

Good format Excel sheet is necessary to improve the presentation of data in various ways:

  • Formatting will add the symbols required for dates and currency to provide more accuracy and understanding of the data.
  • Formatting related to data position, such as Merging and aligning, is vital to making the data more readable. 
  • To make the presentation more professional and enhance the look of the worksheet, you need to apply formatting to the text like increasing the size, bolding, adding italics, or changing the fonts.  
  • Use the table for easy to read and more focused on the crucial portion of the worksheet. 
  • Conditional formatting is a useful tool for highlighting important parts of the worksheet. These are dynamic tools. 

What are the benefits of Formatting Excel Sheet?

The benefits of format Excel sheet are:

  • It makes the data more presentable.
  • If you are looking at an Excel sheet for the first time, it will save a lot of time and effort.
  • Through Charts, you can analyze the in-depth data presentation.
  • With formatting, you can highlight the data profits, losses, and statistics of the business.

How to Format Data in Excel?

Let’s look at one of the examples that help you understand how to format data in Excel.


Format Excel Sheets

Here you can see the above presentation. Does it look attractive or professional?

Obviously, No! It lacks in appearance. The heading and name look the same, and there is no heading that identifies the table’s name. The alignments are random. 

For the formatting data in Excel, we can improve some features like:

  • The Font size is slightly larger.
  • We make the text column head bold.
  • You can apply the center align.
  • You can apply a border on the table.
  • You can apply the background color to the heading.
  • Insert the heading of the table.

To increase the size of the heading and make the table attractive: 

Go to the Home Tab. 

Go to the Font Section.

Click on the drop-down option. By default size 11 is selected. You can change them by selecting your desired text size.

To format the text, select the cell you want to format. Then click the arrow to open the ‘Format Cells’ dialog box. Then select the currency option and click on ‘OK’.

To insert the shape, go to the shapes command in the illustration section of the insert tab and select the appropriate shape. 

Format Excel Sheets

After clicking on the shape option, select the shape you want to apply to your sheet. Drag the cursor to draw the shape. You can resize its shape through the pointer given on the shape. To change the color of the shape, select the shape and choose an appropriate color from the box. You can change the border width by clicking on the border option. 

Format Excel Sheets

This is the result after adding the shape to the report. Can you see the difference between the previous and current Excel sheets? 

Conditional Formatting: Conditional highlighters are used to highlight certain values, making them easy to identify. This will change the appearance of the cell based on the given condition. 

This will help to check the temperature information with conditional formatting for showing the top 10% and bottom 10% values through red and green colors. For more options like Data bars, Go to the conditional formatting and select the  Data bars option. To make statistics more accurate, you can display the data on the chart. Select the data, then Go to the Insert tab. Select the chart you want to display your content in the charts option. Let’s display the above content in the Bar chart. Click on the bar chart. Your data will be displayed in the bar Graph. 

Format Excel Sheets

Example 2:

Let’s take an example Rice crop production(kilogram per hectare) in different states month-wise.

Format Excel Sheets

For formatting cells, select the Excel sheet data, then click the mouse’s left button and click on the “Format Cells” option. 

Format Excel Sheets
Format Excel Sheets

A dialog box appears. As you can see, there are different options. Select the desired format cell and click OK.

You will see the changes out there in your Excel sheet.

To do the alignment in the Excel sheet, follow the mentioned steps in this guide:

Go to the HOME tab as you can see the Alignment option in the given image. Click on the drop-down arrow right below the Alignment option. 

Format Excel Sheets

Select the Alignment you want. The rightmost is the right alignment option which aligns the lines to the right of the page. The middlemost is the center alignment that will align the data to the center of the page. The leftmost is the left alignment option. This is used to align the data to the left of the page. 

For the heading to be highlighted, use the Font option mentioned in the Home tab. Click on the drop down arrow of the fint option. Pick the font color you want. 

Format Excel Sheets

The desired color will be applied to the select boxes. 

Format Excel Sheets

This above table will show the final result. 

If you want to add the graphs from the above table then Select the table. Click on the insert option. In the chart section, choose the chart you want to display the data with. 

Format Excel Sheets

The graph is pasted on the sheet. You can figure out the option for chart customization.

How to format Excel sheets shortcut

There are various key shortcuts to decrease your time on the task. This will greatly reduce your work because you don’t need to navigate the options in the tabs and sections. Let’s explore some basic Excel formatting shortcuts you can use to format data in Excel.

  • To make your text bold: Ctrl+B
  • To make the text italic: Ctrl+I
  • To make the text underline: Ctrl+U
  • For copying the data: Ctrl+C
  • Cut the data: Ctrl+X
  • Paste the data: Ctrl+V
  • To open the paste dialog box: Alt+H+V

FAQ’s on Formatting Excel Sheet

Ques 1. What does the format tab do in Excel?

Formatting Excel Sheets allows you to modify the way the data is displayed. Formatting cells in Excel can draw attention to important data. It is used to access the special feature of the Excel sheet and control the setting of a report.

Ques2. How many report formats are present in the Excel Sheet?

Excel offers 3 report formats: Compact form, Outline form, and Tabular form. 

Ques3. How many types of Data are present in Excel?

There are five types of Data present in Excel: 

Data Types in ExcelData type in DAXDescription
Decimal Number64 BIT Real numbers that can have decimal places
True/FalseBooleanEither true or False
TextStringCan have numbers, strings,s, or dates in the text format.
Date Date/ TimeThe date and timeshares excepted 
CurrencyCurrencyCurrency data type allows value between -922,337,203,685,477.5808 to 922,337,203,685,477.5807

Ques4. What are the basic formatting features of Excel?

There are many Excel formatting features:

  • Add a background image 
  • Formatting Keyboard shortcuts
  • Use template
  • Use Format Painter
  • Change the cell style
  • Change the color of the cell

If you come to the last end, congratulations you are becoming that 5% of the people who want to learn and become the top 1% of Excel users. 

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