Top 12 AI Tools For Excel In 2024

Top 12 AI Tools For Excel In 2024

The AI revolution has been in the spotlight since AI tools like ChatGPT launched. Artificial Intelligence is rapidly driving the fourth industrial revolution and bringing changes that we once dreamed of or have never dreamed of. AI tools are helping large organizations with decision support and business process automation. Likewise, AI tools for Excel help you focus on your primary task and let the AI technologies do the tedious work. Using Excel AI tools can help you save time and energy and get more efficient results. It gives you a new and more efficient way to work in spreadsheets.

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What are Some of the Best AI Tools for Excel?

Let us see some of the most useful Excel AI tools:


Ajelix is an important tool that helps in task management, scheduling, and collaboration. This feature-rich AI platform offers various solutions such as tailor-made templates, translated files in a snap, integrated intelligence, effortless collaboration, and automation with ease. They give innovative IT services to companies looking to boost business process productivity.

Some of the features of Ajelix are:

  • Ajelix has an AI Excel Formula Generator that helps you create complex spreadsheets and has an explainer that further assists you in understanding the data. 
  • It gives you customized templates based on specific keywords.
  • It also gives you the option of an Excel add-in. So, you can also add AJELIX’s AI tools directly into your Excel spreadsheets.

Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI is one of the most popular AI analyst tools for Excel. It lets you connect your Excel spreadsheet with large datasets such as Snowflake, BigQuery, and Databricks. So, now you do not need to transfer the data manually. This Excel AI tool will help you understand your spreadsheet, clean messy, complex data, and write effective formulas using the copilot feature. 

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Arcwise AI are:

  • Integrating Arcwise AI helps you extract data from webpages and convert it to well-organized structured tables in the spreadsheet. 
  • You can ask Arcwise AI to generate SQL queries or create reports directly within Google Sheets. 
  • Arcwise AI can be a writing assistant in Google Docs and other text editors.

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Sheet+ is the AI-powered Excel tool that lets AI write formulas for you. With Sheet+, you can write Google Sheets and Excel formulas ten times faster with AI and save around 80 percent of your time. Not just that, this Excel AI tool provides step-by-step explanations for any Excel or Google Sheets formula. This is one of the most useful Excel AI tools for beginners and experienced Excel users.

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Sheet+ are:

  • You can tell Sheet+ your desired outcome in simple, plain language, and it will automatically generate the corresponding formula in Excel.
  • With the Sheet+ Excel I tool, you can use a library of pre-built formulas for everyday tasks. 
  • It will automatically generate charts and graphs based on your data. 


Promptloop is another important Excel AI tool that uses the GPT-3 language model to give answers to your queries. It helps you to conduct efficient and vast online research. Whether you are an investor, business owner, consultant, or someone who uses large datasets, you automate tedious tasks with manual web scraping, giving you valuable insights from complex data that facilitate decision-making.

Some of the key features of PromptLoop are as follows:

  • It has a very user-friendly interface that doesn’t require you to write lengthy and complex prompts.
  • You can also integrate Promptloop with existing models and access advanced functionalities.
  • You can also share the tasks you create with colleagues for collaborative work.
AI Tools For Excel

AI Excel Bot

You can write Excel and spreadsheet formulas ten times faster with an AI Excel bot. It works in two ways: it generates formulas with basic, simple prompts and helps you understand complex formulas in simple language. AI Excel bots come with VBA code support, meaning you can write VBA and get an explanation within seconds.

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of AI Excel Bot are:

  • AI Excel bots prepare your data for further analysis by removing errors and inconsistencies.
  • You can create charts and graphs based on your data for better data visualization.
  • It comes with multiple language support. So, now you can work with various languages for broader accessibility.

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Formula Dog

Formula Dog is one of the most popular Excel AI tools. As the name suggests, Formula Dog helps you generate Excel formulas with AI technologies. If you have a problem working in MS Excel, Google Sheets, Notion, or Airtable and want to find its formula solution, you can use Formula Dog. With this Excel AI tool, you can convert simple English to VBA code, SQL, Regex, and vice versa. 

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Formula Dog are:

  • It is a versatile AI Excel tool that works effectively with Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable.
  • It understands your spreadsheet’s structure and data types to generate the formulas accurately.
  • It provides a vast library of Excel functions, VBA commands, and Regex patterns for complex tasks.

Excel Formularizer

Excel formulazier helps you save work hours and become ten times more efficient. For example, if you want to find all words starting with “amazing,” you just have to write them in simple language, and Excel Formulatizer will give you the best AI assistant. Whether it is a formula, regex, Excel VBA Google App script, or any other task, Excel formulazier has answers and explanations for all your spreadsheet problems.

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Excel Formularizer are:

  • It does not save your data on its server and gives you data privacy and security. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface and a high turnaround time.
  • It uses the GPT-4 model that gives you a high accuracy of 99.9%.


This Excel formula generator helps you transform text into powerful Excel formulas inside your browsers. You will also get a detailed explanation of every generated complex formula or even develop VBA formulas. You can also upload your .xlsx file.

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Excel-AI are:

  • It gives you an additional feature of Slack integration so that your whole team can enable Excel-AI, irrespective of the size of your team.
  • It automatically identifies and corrects errors, inconsistencies, and missing data.
  • It automates repetitive tasks like data entry and formatting and helps you save time and effort.

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Formula Generator

The next on the list of Excel AI tools is Formula Generator, which helps you quickly fix errors and get formula explanations. It has an Error spotter feature that allows you to debug formulas and codes for Excel and commands SQL. The Explain Formula feature will help you understand how the formula works. 

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Formula Generator are:

  • Suppose you have any queries related to Excel. In that case, whether it is about how pivot tables work or how to use the VLOOKUP formula, you can simply ask the formula generator Answer bot.
  • With the formula generator, you get GPT Fine Tuning Service that helps you with data collection, preprocessing, fine-tuning, etc.
  • It comes with a Google Sheets add-on feature.


GPTExcel is an Excel and Google Sheets AI assistant that generates formulas and streamlines your spreadsheet processes. Further, it can also assist you with VBA scripts for Excel, Apps Scripts for Google Workspace, and Airtable scripts.

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of GPTExcel are:

  • The basic version is free to use.
  • It can understand 50+ languages(English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Hindi, and more) 
  • You can also use this Excel AI tool for SQL queries, understanding regular expression pattern, and table template generators for Excel and Google Sheets. 

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Excel Formula Bot

Excel formula bot is another useful AI formula generator for Excel. With the Excel formula bot, you can also upload your data and start asking questions. This Excel AI tool will also help you with business operations, such as measuring campaign effectiveness.

AI Tools For Excel

Some of the key features of Excel Formula Bot are:

  • The various generator tools offered by the Excel AI tool are Excel formula generator, SQL generator, spreadsheet maker, script generator, primary task generator, and regex generator. 
  • It offers various AI services such as sentiment analysis, text classification,  etc.
  • It costs around $9/month; you can also try it for free.


With SheetGod, you can convert English into Excel formulas. Automate your daily spreadsheet task with SheetGod and access various services such as creating macros, regular expressions,  Google Appscript code snippets, and doing basic tasks.

Some of the key features of SheetGod are:

  • It has a clean and interactive user interface. 
  • You can send emails and generate bulk PDFs to streamline your marketing campaign.
  • You can create Google Workspace Add-Ons and Microsoft Excel add-ons. 

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What are the Best Excel Courses for Beginners?

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