Learn To Delete Blank Extra Or Empty Pages In Excel?

Learn To Delete Blank Extra Or Empty Pages In Excel?

Do you even need to delete Blank extra or empty pages in Excel? Excel is an excellent tool, having a combination of rows and columns. It helps to organize the data in different formats as you want. Using the given dataset, you also use other tools and functions to execute various operations.

But most of the time, we are working on a simple page, and many other pages will remain open, and you often need to learn about them. Or you might get frustrated while deleting the unwanted pages in the Excel worksheet. In some cases, you would want to remove the blank rows, columns, etc. In the other case, you would want to remove the entire blank page altogether. So, how would you delete pages in Excel that are not needed?

Let’s first understand how to do some essential execution in the Excel Sheet. This guideline helps to proceed with how you can delete the blank pages in the sheet.

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Step 1: How Do You Start Microsoft Excel?

Convert the default single Microsoft Excel sheet to either 3 or more worksheets. In the Excel ribbon, click “File,” under the drop-down work with its corresponding options. After that, the options screen will show, choose “General” from the category list. In the “In New Workbooks” section, switch the “Include This Many” setting by entering the number of worksheets you want Excel to insert into new files. Finally, when you finish the above-mentioned procedures, click on the “Finish” button to end the task.

Step 2: How Do You Delete the Extra Sheets?

Customize an existing file just so it will have only the number of worksheets that you would require. If you want to get rid of an extra worksheet, move to the tab that shows the title of the existing worksheet and then click “Delete Sheet” from the context menu. Alternatively, you can switch to the sheet you want to get rid of and go to “Home” – “Delete” – “Delete Sheet” from the ribbon. Please go to its Cells team and click to open its drop-down list. If you want to delete, then Opt for “Delete Sheet” to clear the current worksheet.

Step 3: How do you hide the Worksheet that is not required?

Hide a worksheet on which you are wondering if you need it. Go to the “Home” tab in the Ribbon of Excel and find the Cells group. Click the down arrow next to “Format” in the drop-down list. Under the top menu, choose “Hide or Unhide” and then – “Hide Sheet” to hide the sheet. To make the sheet visible again, repeat the process and select “Unhide Sheet” from the menu upon hiding.

How to Check the Number of Pages That Are in Use?

To check the number of pages, press ctrl+p, and you will see the no. of pages above the print option. 

Now, if there are extra pages, you can remove those pages.

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How do I Delete the Extra Pages?

Deleting extra, empty, or blank pages in Excel is a good practice for printing, boosting presentation, optimizing file size and performance, etc. You can adjust the print area, remove unnecessary rows and columns, and modify page layout settings. To delete the Extra pages, follow these steps:

Step 1- From the ribbon or quick toolbar, select view. Then select the broken page in the view workbook.

Now, you will be able to see the two pages. The one on which you are working and the one not in use. We can remove page 2, i.e., the extra page. 

Step 3- You’ll see the dashed line separating the pages. We must match the solid blue line with this dashed line to remove the unwanted pages. To do so, drag the blue solid line onto the dashed line. 

After the line is successfully dragged, the layout looks perfect. Bingo! you have finally removed the extra pages from the required page. 

You have successfully deleted the extra page. To check, just change the view to the standard view. 

How Do You Delete Pages in Excel with the Print Option?

Here, the print option is not used in printing the Excel rather it is used in deleting the unwanted pages. You will print only the selected area once you have specified the print area on the sheet.

Let’s see how it works.

  • Select the sheet you are working on.
  • Open the page layout option from the quick access toolbar. 
  • select the print area from the print area Menu. 

You will encounter a dotted line. Drag the line that splits up the pages. Place the mouse on the dotted line and drag it down. It will delete the other extra pages on the Excel sheets. 

How do you Delete Blank Extra or Empty Pages in Excel with the File tab option?

You can get rid of the extra space through the file tab. By default, the file tab contains a primary option that lets you make changes in your Excel sheet per your requirements. 

For this reason, the file tab option is used to delete extra or blank pages in the Excel sheet.

 Let’s follow the guidelines given below:

  • Open the File tab in the access toolbar.
  • The file tab will open up the sidebar. 
  • Choose the print option.
  • Click the Print selection from the menu given in the print setting group. 
  • You will see a dotted line that splits the extra pages when printing.

These are the best ways to remove unwanted pages in the Excel sheet. 

By following these steps, you should be able to effectively delete any blank, extra, or empty pages from your Excel worksheets.

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