AI Functions In Excel That Will Save Your Time

AI Functions In Excel That Will Save Your Time


Every working professional can relate when I say, “Excel is the powerhouse of the office just like Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”.

Why am I saying this? Because we know, no matter what work you do, nothing can be completed without using Excel. Whether it is inventory management, financial records, etc. we use Excel for everything don’t we? We do it right and it is time-consuming, right?

But, what if I tell you, it will only take a few minutes to do these tasks!! Crazy that sounds. 

Imagine, you’re on vacation and your boss asks for an Excel report today, damn that’s heartbreaking right? But, what if you had a magic wand like Harry Potter and created the report in minutes? Do you know what that magic wand could be?? That’s AI in Excel!!

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What if I tell you some awesome AI functions in Excel can save hours worth your energy and instead help you get a promotion? In this blog, we will discuss some mind-blowing AI functions in Excel.

6 Time-Saving AI functions in Excel

  1. Auto-fill and Smart Suggestions
  2. Data Cleaning and De-duplication
  3. Instant Trend Identification
  4. Outlier Detection
  5. Smart Data Entry
  6. Interactive Dashboards and Data Storytelling

Let’s understand each in detail how they can save your time!!

Auto-fill and Smart Suggestions

Don’t tell me, you’re someone who still enters serial numbers manually!! Don’t worry even if you did, it is now the time to change it. You can use the autofill function for it.

Excel analyzes your previous entries and recognizes patterns. Based on that, it suggests the most likely continuation of your data series. This not only saves you tons of typing but also reduces the risk of typos.

If you’re tired of repeatedly entering months while making a report, this function is definitely what you need. You simply start typing “January” and watch Excel predict the rest of the months. 

Tip: Enter January and stretch the bar to get rest of the months

AI Functions in Excel

Data Cleaning and De-duplication

Imagine, you have a meeting in 10 minutes and your Excel report is a mess!! Did you imagine getting fired?? I did for sure, but not anymore. The solution is right in front of you, which is AI in Excel!!

Excel can identify duplicate rows based on specific criteria you choose. It then allows you to quickly remove these duplicates, leaving you with a clean and streamlined dataset.

It can even correct minute spelling errors making your report look good and making you ready to get a salary hike!!

Tip: Go to data in header and choose Clean data for suggestions

AI Functions in Excel

Instant Trend Identification

Did you just spend hours looking at charts and graphs and still not able to understand a single trend?? If yes then don’t worry AI is here for your rescue. 

You feed your data into Excel, and then AI analyzes it for patterns and trends. It then highlights these trends within your chart or graph, making them easy to identify.

You know this will not just save your valuable time but also help in getting accurate outputs!!

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Outlier Detection

Is it just me or do you all too get anxious when you notice data that stands out among others and just doesn’t fit in and will cause trouble in your results!!

Excel’s AI can help you identify these outliers. By analyzing your data, Excel can identify data points that fall significantly outside the expected range. These are flagged as potential outliers, allowing you to investigate them further.

With AI in Excel say bye to data that doesn’t fit in within minutes!!

Smart Data Entry

What if I tell you I have something that will end your copy-and-paste tasks and will make entering data fun and fast?

Are you eager to know what it is?? With the Smart Data Entry AI function in Excel, you can extract data directly from PDFs and emails and import it straight into your Excel spreadsheet.

Cool right this can save your time and you too from doing manual tasks.

Interactive Dashboards and Data Storytelling

Don’t you find understanding Excel data boring?? But what if it can be transformed into visuals and charts, it will become easier to understand and explain.

These dashboards use charts, graphs, and other visuals that update automatically as you change your data. They can also include interactive elements like filters and slicers, allowing viewers to explore the information in detail.

This function can help turn your data into a story and can impress your boss too!!

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Excel is a tool that can be boring for those who don’t know how to use it smartly but with the right knowledge you can do a lot with it. We have discussed just 6 AI functions in Excel but there are many more that can make our working life easier. 

It’s in our hands how we choose to use AI in excel for our benefit.

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